Ruby's Quilt

The bright baby quilt is finished! 
It measures 44" x 52" and is hand quilted with perle cotton thread.
This one is already on it's way to a brand new little girl who was born last week. I'm so glad I was a little late in getting the quilt done because I was able to put her name on the tag! 

The weather has been cloudy and cool which has me staying inside. I'm hoping to finish up the Any Way You Slice It quilt by this weekend. 

The list of quilts I want to make is growing! My dad wants a wall hanging and I've been thinking about making a black and white quilt. Before any of that happens though, my next project will be another baby quilt. My family is keeping me busy in the baby quilt department! That's ok with me though. I'm definitely enjoying having time to quilt.



  1. That is sweet and lovely, I especially like the quilt label! So creative!

  2. Thank you, Pam! I really like embroidering the labels for my quilts. This time I used the perle cotton instead of embroidery floss, so it worked up really fast.

  3. Super cute baby quilts and blog, Jen! Watch for my email about a fun project I'm hoping you're interested in. (It may go to junkmail.) Would LOVE to have you represent Nebraska!


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