Denim Circles

So this project was started awhile ago but then my iron broke (one too many tumbles off the ironing board) and I had to put it on pause until I bought a new one. I'm trying to do some catch up posts and this time, I actually wrote down the details of what I did so I didn't forget! 

I tend to cut lots of extras when I'm working on a quilt. I like having color options! But then, after the project is finished, I have leftovers.
These are 3" leftover squares from the Supernova Friendship Quilt.

I decided to get them out and try this denim circle technique. Gary had a couple pairs of old jeans he said I could cut up. I went with a 4" circle and was able to get 53 circles from one pair of jeans. For these two 19" squares, I ended up using one and a half pairs of men's jeans.

I pressed the circles in half to find the center lines and also marked sewing lines 3/4" in from the edge. Then I matched up my sewing lines and sewed the circles together in a row. I did 5 circles across and then added a half circle on each end. Once I got a new iron, I was able to really press those flaps flat.

The fabric squares are 3" and I cut the batting squares at 2 3/4". Then I pinned the batting and fabric under the denim flaps and sewed them down.

The cool thing about this is the back is already quilted and finished! 

Aren't they fun? It's like a cathedral window without all the work. Once they are washed, the edges will fray and make a softer surface, I think. These are 19" square. I was thinking about making them into throw pillows but I haven't got that far yet. I was also thinking these could make a fun bath mat.

I'm not sure if I could make a whole quilt like this. Maybe if I found enough old jeans and cut bigger circles. I'm happy I made a dent in my leftover pile making these though! 


  1. Oh gosh I love this and I love the play on denim coloring too. So cool!

  2. This is awesome! I have wanted to try this pattern and recycling jeans is a great plan! My husband is 6'8" so I can probably make a pillow from one pair of jeans. Would also make a cute and sturdy bag!


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