Hooray for weekend sewing!
I was able to crank out the last three rows of blocks on Saturday afternoon, which was really getting hard to do by the last 8 blocks. The goal was to get this finished up though, so I kept on going. 
Now to figure out what fabric to use on the back. The book shows a solid red fabric with a dark binding. Any suggestions? The quilt is so colorful, there are lots of options!
I'm also debating about machine quilting or tying. The book shows ties, but I'm wondering if tying will be difficult with all the thick seams. If I do machine quilt it, I will probably keep it pretty minimal. I like the soft drape it has right now!


  1. Have you decided yet? There are so many colors that you could go any which way. :)
    Next time you head to the Cosmic Cow you should let me know and we can meet up?


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