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Mid November Fog

Have you ever heard the old farmer's tale that says 90 days after a fog it's supposed to rain or snow? One of my friends just posted that on Facebook tonight and said we should expect a blizzard on Valentine's Day. We HAVE been having quite a few foggy days lately. I'm ready to see the sun again!

A week ago, I was invited by the Omaha Modern Quilt Guild to do a presentation on big stitch hand quilting. That was a lot of fun! I showed all the quilts I've done with big stitching and told some embarrassing stories about myself (the time I made MC Hammer pants for my 4-H project!) and helped them try some big stitch quilting. I had a good time hanging out with them, they are a fun group! 

I've put together a Pinterest board with Big Stitch Quilting tutorials if you are interested!
I haven't been doing a lot of sewing recently but I did whip up this cute Crayon Monster Art Tote for nephew Liam's birthday. 

I used some fleece for the head and some wool felt f…

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