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Why Is My Reflection Someone I Don't Know?

March 8th. In the dream, I was in an unfamiliar bathroom, coloring my hair and eyebrows  black. The sink was filled with black dye water, in which I was dyeing a long sleeved, button up shirt. Weird, but anyway, when I looked into the mirror, I had to get very close to see myself because I didn't have my glasses on. When I got close enough to the glass, I saw a woman who looked nothing like me. She was short, with a round face. Small, dark eyes. The hair was cut in a short, chin length bob. I was surprised and wondered who was this woman? She didn't remind me of anyone I know. 

Fast forward to one month later. I was dreaming that I was about to look into a mirror again. I hesitated, remembering that strange woman from before. Who would I see this time? I inched my way towards the mirror. As I cautiously peered into the glass, my concerned reflection appeared, staring back at me. Whew! It was me this time. And I laughed out loud at myself. 

Watch out! It's a two headed monste…

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