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Disney Trip

I have been invited to participate in the #vantagepoint project, which challenges photographers from around the world to share the stories of their favorite photos. The company, Light, has developed a new compact camera that uses multiple lenses to create a DSLR quality image within a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand. Check out this Video to see how it works! Super cool!
I just returned from a five day trip to Florida with our high school music department. Five exhausting days of theme parks, haha! I took my usual camera, a Canon PowerShot G12 and my cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7. After the first day of lugging the PowerShot around my neck, I switched to the cell phone exclusively for photos. It was much more convienient and less cumbersome. I could also immediately post photos to our social media pages so the parents back home could see what we were up to. I would have loved to try out the new Light camera on this trip! Here's some photos of where we went.

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