Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Snow Day #2

After all the hype about the "snowmageddon" that was coming our way, I'm really glad we actually got some snow AND a couple snowdays from school! We didn't get quite as much snow as central Nebraska but I'm still tired from shoveling what we did get! 
So, that was yesterday, today I sewed.

This grocery sack filled with weird shaped scraps has been floating around in my sewing mess since I made THIS quilt. I don't know why I kept them separate from my other scraps. I decided to challenge myself to only use the scraps in the bag to see what I could come up with.

Scrappy Triangles is what happened. 
I only had enough scraps to make this little group of triangles.
Then I found my white scraps and thought hmmm...maybe those could work for a background.

I put it all together kind of like the floating squares quilt, cutting and sewing squares of white fabric to fit. 

Here's how it turned out. I feel like it looks like something I pinned on Pinterest awhile ago, even though I was making it up as I went. I do like it, especially since I used up so many scraps! 

It measures 36" x 39"
I'm thinking this could be a cute baby quilt. 
Maybe with a border to make it bigger?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Moda Sampler Shuffle

Did anyone else make these sampler blocks? 
I've never made a sampler before so when I saw this on the Calico House Blog, I decided to go for it! 
I've been working on these 6" blocks since November and I can hardly believe that I kept up with them every week. The block patterns were created by Moda Fabrics designers and were designed to teach new quilting techniques and piecing skills. A few block patterns were released each week. Since they are so small, each one took just a small amount of fabric to make. I really enjoyed playing with solid colors for my blocks! I did not enjoy sewing the applique blocks, they look pretty bad.
So now I need to decide if I'm going to follow the pattern, which calls for a border of flying geese, or make a different border. It's small right now, 44" x 53", so I will probably add some kind of border! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mini Charm Quilt, First Finish of 2016!

Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones! My mom had bought a box FULL of quilt stuff at a garage sale, which she was super excited about. When I was at her house for Christmas, she let me look through it and take a few things! 
I chose this packet of marbled solids.

Does anyone out there remember Merryvale fabric packets? I don't, but here is a blurb I found on ebay:

"Merryvale Fabric Packets were produced monthly from 1993 to 2007. They were produced to show quilters complete fabric collections that were seldom present in quilt shops in their entirety. The packets featured fabrics selected from a new fabric collection created for quilt making. They are cut into six-inch squares and usually contained 26 pieces. Fabric collections rotated to present quilters with a variety of new fabrics being produced by leading companies in the industry. In selecting from individual fabric collections, quilters became aware of designers’ intent regarding coordinated scale of prints (small, medium and large) and color ways. Packets presented here are the remaining stock from our company and some remaining fabric. Books, quilt kits and fabrics are featured."

It looks like there are still fabric packets available here!

Then there were these vintage advertisement decals that are ironed onto muslin.
 I was drawn to them because they're so colorful and fun! 
I'm not sure what to make with them..any ideas? 

Then there was this mini charm quilt kit! 
The information on the pattern page says it came from Pieceful Dreams in Aurora, Ne. 
Copyright 1997!
Isn't it cute? Everything you need to make a mini quilt, stuffed in this mason jar.

Seventy two 2 1/2" charm squares.

Batting and backing.

Border and binding strips.

The pattern has three setting options. 
I chose triangles.

These fabrics are not something I would choose to use today but I thought it would be fun to play with them anyway! 

These colors were looking pretty dull, so I decided to add some solid greens to see what would happen. 

Yep, it was looking good to me!

I put this together on my last few days of break. It's so small, only 13" x 16", so I decided to hand quilt it! 

Isn't it cute? 
I'm surprised by how the greens make the seemingly dull fabrics pop with brighter color! 

It's my first finish of 2016! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Fruity Pixels: Finished Floating Squares Quilt

I'm so excited to have this quilt finished! 
I started my floating squares quilt 
back in July 2015. 
I was able to get it all put together and finished over Christmas break. 

So, the steps for creating this score were to begin by choosing a limited group and amount of fabrics. You can see that I chose lots of colors to work with but I only used three at a time, making sections until I ran out of those colors. I chose two brightly colored fabrics that I liked together and a "filler fabric," which is the tan. Something I thought was fun was seeing how the same color can look so different when it's placed next to different colors. For example, the Kona Wasabi in the top right and lower left corners! 

Once the fabrics are chosen, cut them into different sizes of squares using only scissors or rotary cutter with no rulers or patterns.
No perfect squares here, I discovered that I couldn't cut an even square at all! I actually liked cutting without the ruler, I felt like it made the process go so much faster. 
Just cut and sew without too much thinking or pinning.

Once the squares are cut, begin sewing them together to create a unit. When all the squares are used up, that unit is finished. At first, I made a bunch of big units, but then, I realized that I didn't like the obvious divisions between the colors. I wanted the colors to flow more freely, so I started sewing smaller units and arranging them on my design wall before I sewed them into bigger units. You can see my original post about my process here.

I found this rainbow sheet at a thrift store. I couldn't believe how close the colors are to the colors I chose for my quilt.
I had to use it for the back!

I'm happy with how my quilt turned out, although, I don't think I achieved the floating squares look as much as some other quilts I've seen. The next time I try this technique, (because I am going to make another, this improv technique is easy and fun!) I will cut bigger squares to begin with because I feel like I ended up with a lot of little bits by the end and not enough size contrast. I might try using more of the filler fabric. Also, I want to change things up and try a "low volume" color scheme! 

If you live in the Lincoln area, you can see my "Fruity Pixels" quilt at the Bernina store, as well as lots of beautiful quilts made by our Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild members! 
It's our first quilt show as a guild and we're really excited about it! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Handmade Gifts

Happy 2016 everybody! Hooray we made it!
Before we get too far past Christmas, I want to document what I made for gifts in 2015.
First, I made a stack of Christmas pot holders for my Aunt Phyllis's Christmas barn boutique!
I wasn't very good about taking pictures of them. 

At one of our modern quilt guild meetings before the holiday season, 
we all shared some homemade gift ideas.
 I made a few of them! 

I made this stocking just for fun from a leftover supernova block! 

I also made a baby quilt for Liam!.

I think that wraps up the gifts I made for Christmas 2015.
Happy New Year all!
Let's Create!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Girls Day in Grand Island

The holiday fun continues! 
Yesterday, I drove to Grand Island to spend the afternoon with my mom, niece Maddie, cousin Kathy and Aunts Phyllis, Donna and Dorothy. We had a fun time visiting some antique shops and hanging out in Grand Island! 

Here are the places we visited: 

We spent the most time here looking at all the festive displays. The whole place was decked out with lights, trees and ornaments for Christmas! 
Several of us found a treasure to take home.

I bought a Spiderman mask for my nephew here. 
I noticed a lot of Raggedy Ann and Andy memorabilia.

We had lunch and drinks here, which was just a block or two down the street from the antique mall. It felt good to sit and visit after all the shopping! Mom ordered something called Bangers and Mash, I had Fish and Chips and Maddie had a grilled cheese. Those things seem more like an English food item than Irish but they were still tasty, nonetheless. 

Kathy bought me a much needed coffee, which was delicious! Thanks, cuz!

I took a ton of blurry photos of the fantasy of trees display haha!
 I got lots of inspiration for next years Christmas tree!

I hope to visit more shops in Grand Island the next time I visit! 
If you know of places, leave some suggestions in the comments!