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Planet Quilt

This project has been in the works since August and I'm so excited to have it finished and gifted to my new baby nephew! 

My sister was having her baby in September, so I started this quilt in late August. Perfect timing, right? Haha. I knew she was going with a planet theme for the baby room so I started clicking around on Pinterest for ideas. This Deep Space Quilt is so cute and my quilt is definitely inspired by it! 

So back in August, our family was having a get together and I decided (about an hour before) to have each family member make a planet. I threw all the fabric and fusible web in a bag and took it to the party. It was pretty fun having them create the planets and I love how they turned out! 

Once the planets were created, I got to work sewing down the details and assembling the quilt top. I thought it would be fun to make the planets a little puffy. I cut disks of batting for each one and gathered the edges around with a running stitch. Next, I hand stitched the planets…

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