Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Supernova Friendship Block Swap: Blocks 5 & 6

We made it to the last blocks for the Friendship Block Swap! This has been so much fun and I'm so glad Kristie asked me to do this with her!

Kristie and I decided to go ahead and make an extra block each so that our quilt top will have twelve blocks on the front instead of nine. I wanted to use all of our blocks on the front, not just nine with an "extra" on the back. I mean, I love them all, there was no way I could decide which block to put on the back!
Kristie's blocks are the purple/blue and peachy blocks on the top row and mine are the yellow and purple/red blocks on the bottom row.

Getting to know Kristie and making these blocks together has been so much fun. I think we have probably had more fun than most since we live in the same town and have been able to meet up several times. I can't wait to put all the blocks together and finish this quilt. I know it is going to be my favorite! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 Just some photos from our adventures lately.
 Fall is beginning to show it's yellow glow. The house plants have been brought inside. I picked the last of my pretty flowers. Yes. It's time to start coming in. 
All I want to do is make soup for supper and sit on the couch and knit. I've done both, knitting and soup making. We tried a new recipe which is here. It's pretty tasty! 

Today is my last day of fall break, so I'm trying to decide what to do next. I have a clothes closet that needs to be organized but then what about my sewing projects? And oh, the sun is actually shining today! I should go outside, too. 
I think I'll have one more cup of coffee and then decide.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Do you like thrift shopping? Every once in awhile, Gary and I will stop by the Salvation Army store or Goodwill to see if we can find any good bargains. One of my favorite things about the thrift store is how the clothing racks are organized by color. Those colorful rows  just draw me in for a closer look! 

Anyway! A couple weekends ago, I picked up these old sheets thinking I could make them into quilts. I'm still inspired by Luke Haynes' quilts and I thought maybe I would give the repurposing idea a try!

Here's what I've sewn so far. Kinda weird, huh? Did you ever have those striped sheets? We had them when I was a kid, so I felt all nostalgic for them which made me buy the sheet even though the middle is pretty worn out. The edges were still good so I got a decent amount of strips out of it.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should add a purple border on the right side and bottom or if I should just leave it as is. Any thoughts? 

I still have lots of fabric left, so I may add a yellow border and I will definitely use one of the sheets for the back. 
I'm enjoying making this just for fun! I was thinking I should have done quilt as you go though, because now I have to figure out how to quilt it!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's Blooming In the Yard

Where did September go? My garden is looking rough, probably from neglect and the change in season. Some things I planted from seed are just now blooming but in a desperate, reaching for more sun kind of way. I'm going to have to stop planting sun loving plants in my shady yard. 
The morning glory vine grew huge and toppled over the trellis but it still has not bloomed. 
The best bloomers have been the nasturtiums. Their happy orange flowers are so bright and fun. I will plant them again next spring.
Speaking of spring, I should really plant some tulips and daffodils! They make me so happy after a long winter.
 The leaf harvest is about to begin. I'm not excited for all the work but I can't wait for the pretty trees.
Happy Autumn!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Supernova Friendship Block Swap: Block 4

September is in full swing and it's time to swap friendship blocks again!

Kristie's is the blue and mine is the green. I had a tough time putting the green ones together for some reason. You can see how badly my block is lined up in the corners. 

I love how our colorful rainbow blocks are coming together!

Pretty corners!

This month's question was about forgiveness.
"Forgiveness is an integral part of any healthy relationship. What does forgives mean to you? Share with your partner an example of a time you had to forgive someone — or someone had to forgive you — and how it strengthened the relationship."

Tough question this month! 
I think that the act of forgiving is powerful but it is something that can be so difficult to do.  Forgiveness is hard because in order to forgive someone, one must let go of their judgements and see the situation in a new light. Not only that, it also takes courage to let go of fear, hate or anger and then let understanding and love come into your heart. 
As for me, I try to have a loving heart. I try to take people as they are and strive to be understanding with them. I would rather have joy in my life than anger or bitterness, so yes, forgiveness can be a tricky thing but I think it's something worth working on!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Photos From the Weekend

Last Friday evening, Kristie and I went to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. 

These are a couple log cabin quilts that were on display. 

The red and grey was my favorite! I should have taken a pic of the quilts made from kits display. Walking into that space was like walking into a pretty Easter egg with all the pastel pinks, yellows and greens.

So, Kristie asked if I would like to go to this lecture by quilt artist, Luke Haynes. I hadn't heard of him but I thought it would be fun to go. I'm so glad we went!

Wow he's cool!  
We got to see some of the log cabin quilts he's working on which were made from clothing and other fabric items from Goodwill. His goal is to make 50 of them. Holy cow that's a lot of log cabin quilts! I really loved his appliqued quilts. You can learn more about Luke and his super artistic and interesting quilts here.

We asked if we could take a picture after the talk and he was so nice and said yes. So we took the first pic and then the museum people were like, "Wait! We have this frame!" So we took a pic with the frame haha! Somewhat awkward but sorta fun too. Thanks for inviting me to go, Kristie! I really enjoyed it!

The rest of the weekend was ok. After the lecture Friday night, I was all inspired to see what old clothing I might have that I could turn into a quilt. But then I wasn't feeling very good Saturday, so I sat on the couch and watched the Huskers play and worked on my hexies.

I made soup for the first time this season and this REALLY chocolatey cake. Mmm it was good.

Gary and I did some yard work Sunday. The weather was just perfect! 
My sister from Florida will be here tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to spending some time with her! 
Hope you all have a great week!