Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Happy Fall! After many hot days around here, I could feel a little chill in the morning air. I had to wear my jacket to work and I'm drinking a cup of hot tea right now. I'm ready for changing leaves (but not the raking them up part) and SOUP!

Did you watch the Super Blood Moon eclipse on Sunday night? Gary and I went to the park to watch. He got lots of mosquito bites and I got a lot of chigger bites. They didn't itch until today! I'm itchy itchy scratchy scratchy!
The eclipse was cool and I was surprised at how many people were out watching.

Gary and I couldn't pass up coffee and donuts on National Coffee Day! 

Tuesday night was the LMQG meeting. We're having more and more fun each time we get together! I left feeling inspired to get to work on my growing list of projects.

After the whirlwind football field quilt finish, I decided to pull out my hexies project and sit on the couch and hand sew. It was a nice change of pace! I've still got several of the deep blue sections to sew together and then I have to decide on a layout.

But first, I have to whip up a baby quilt. It's going to be orange and gray..but the mom said it could be a little Halloween-y since the baby will be born right at Halloween. I had fun shopping for these fabrics today. What do you think? Too much Halloween? 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Football Field Quilt

 The football field quilt, baby hat and cocoon are checked off my list! I worked on this last weekend while watching the Husker game. Boy was the ending disappointing! I hope they get a win tomorrow.
 The quilt itself was easy to put together but applying the numbers took some time. I did spend a Monday night figuring out that Nebraska 'N', too. For the back, I used a red Husker fabric and as I was pressing the edges of the facing, red dye began bleeding through onto the white yard lines!! Nooo! I know I prewashed the fabric, so I was surprised that it did that. I bought some color catchers and threw them in when I washed the quilt for the first time.
 I am happy to report that they worked! 
No pink yard lines!

My ongoing exhibit block swap project was next on my list. I finished the rest of my blocks  the other day and dropped them off at Crafthouse this afternoon. I can't wait to see what blocks I get back in a few weeks! 

Happy weekend! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Football Fields n Stuff

Super Jimmy wrapping up Uncle Chris! :)

Thank you everyone, for all your nice comments about the superhero quilt, it makes this girl feel good!
 We had lots of fun at Jimmy's birthday party and hooray he likes his quilt!

The fading rainbow from the school parking lot this morning. This is the second rainbow I've seen on my way to work in the last two weeks. I think it makes my day better :)

My second bundle of Exhibit blocks is finished. Three more bundles to go, but first, I've got a football project to finish.

I picked up my knitting needles again to make a baby cocoon and hat. I've never made a cocoon before so I hope I did it right. This yarn is really thick and soft, I wouldn't mind a cocoon for myself haha!

I'm working on this football field quilt and the cocoon for a friend who is having her baby right now! I gotta get a move on! 
After a little experimentation, I cut these numbers out of felt, sprayed them with basting spray and zig zagged them onto the quilt.

The numbers turned out better than I thought. I'm hoping to finish it up over the weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jimmy's Superhero Quilt

High above the city..

the Superheroes assemble!

Na-na na-na na-na na-na
And Robin and Green Lantern and Iron Man and Hulk and Superman and Thor and Spiderman and Captain Americaaaa!

The quilt backing is two different superhero fabrics.

With the leftovers, I made a couple of pillowcases.

I'm so happy with how this quilt turned out!
I've been wanting to make a pixelated quilt for a long time, so making this was a lot of fun to try. I used up almost all of my solids stash.

This quilt was definitely time consuming, from cutting to sewing, each block took about 3 hours to complete. The characters are big too, 19" x 28". After debating about how to put them together, I decided to frame each block with a thin black border to make them look like a comic strip. 
I quilted it on my machine and my lines are REALLY "organic" in places, haha!! Machine quilting is not my forte, so don't zoom in too close, ok?

The Robin block is my favorite. I think it's his fun green mask! So cute!

This quilt measures 66" x 87" 
It is, quite possibly, my favorite thing ever!! It makes me so happy and I really hope Jimmy likes it, too.
I can't wait to give it to Jimmy for his birthday party tomorrow! 

It's gonna be SUPER! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Super September

It's September and I can't believe we're already in our third week of school! I'm beginning to get back in the groove of a regular schedule while still trying to fit in all the fun stuff I enjoyed in the summer. Even though my yard has been a bit neglected, the patio garden is the prettiest it's ever been. As I walk around the yard or the neighborhood, I'm amazed by all the huge spiders and webs in the trees and eaves! I pretty much walk through a web every single day. 

I've been plugging away at the superhero quillt, but over the weekend, I needed to switch gears for a bit. I've been seeing these Dottie Angel Frocks popping up on Instagram and decided to try it out just for fun! I happened to have several yards of some fabric I bought to use for a quilt back and decided to make a practice dress. It was an easy dress to sew but I didn't exactly follow the directions. I didn't use any bias tape on the seams (too much work!) and I skipped the pockets. I realize that the pockets are what makes it a Dottie Angel style but they are too cute for me plus, I don't really need extra attention in the stomach area haha! It fits me ok, but next time, I will lower the front darts because I think they are too high. 

I was so excited about my new dress that I decided I'm going to make another one. So, I stopped in at the Crafthouse to pick out some fabric and more bundles for the Exhibit Block Swap. I think the swap is going to be really fun and I'm looking forward to sewing more blocks once I finish the superhero quilt. 

And the superheroes! I've got everything sandwiched together and two lines of quilting done so far haha! I think I'm going to utilize the long weekend to finish the quilting. It's a bigger quilt than I'm used to making, so quilting will take me awhile! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Miss My Morning Sewing

I've been back to school for a week now and I'm missing my morning sewing time for sure! We've had several rainy days this week, which makes me want to hole up in my sewing room and sew the day away. I daydream about my morning sewing at work but by the time I get home, my motivation to sew is gone. I'm feeling like I'm not getting a lot done. But! Being back to work has been good, we've got a fun bunch of kids this year and my coworkers are the best people! 
I've been working on the Exhibit Block Swap blocks and almost have one set of four completed. If you're in/around the Lincoln area, consider joining in the swap, hosted by Crafthouse and Eye Candy Quilts! I'm loving how these blocks are coming together and I can't wait to see what blocks I will end up with in the end!
And of course, I'm still working on those superheroes. These are the last three, so now I've got to put the top together! C'mon sewing mojo!!