Maple Leaf Quilt

Check it out, I finally finished my maple leaf quilt! 
I'm so happy with this one, it's a total stash quilt, using some of the oldest fabrics I own. 
I'm feeling pretty good about using up what I already had!
I first talked about these blocks here, way back in 2013. 
The finished quilt measures 61" x 61" and is machine quilted with straight lines.

What a difference a week makes! 
All that rain last week is helping the flowering trees to burst to life, 
especially the crab apples, which I love!
 I thought, wow, those trees would make a great backdrop for a quilt pic!! 
Gary and I headed out to the park but darn it, the wind was a blowin'. 
We did get one good pic before my quilt holder called it quits, though!

Speaking of my quilt holder, he did some investigating about the rooster I heard last week. 
Turns out I'm not crazy, but what I heard was not a chicken!
Apparently, we have a man living nearby who likes to step out on his patio and yell random things from time to time, including rooster crowing. I was hearing him at 5 am last week. 
I'm not sure how I should feel about that but I have to say, he does a very realistic rooster call!
I hope you're having a great week!


  1. Well done for finishing a beautiful quilt. Gorgeous photos 😃👏

  2. Beautiful quilt! What you might try next time is crowing back at your rooster neighbor ;) hehe.

  3. Lovely and peaceful. I've made maple leaf blocks, but only for placemats. You have inspired me.

  4. Beautiful photos and lovely quilt. I like backing fabric too.

  5. What gorgeous photos! We are just barely into spring here and it's so nice to see your pretty pics of those blooms. And the nest of blue eggs! Congratulations on finishing your Maple Leaf quilt. Those are some fabulous photos, too. What a lovely finish! I really like the layout and those cornerstones in the sashing. Roosters at 5:00 am, real or not, are really not any fun. Hope your neighbour doesn't make a habit of that.

  6. I agree it is a lovely quilt. A great choice of colors and I bet it will be well loved and used.


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