Something Old Into Something New

What is the oldest piece of fabric you own? I started thinking about that when I was cleaning up my sewing table. As I began putting pieces away, I saw all these fabrics I've had in my stash for years. I pulled out several of the oldest ones and soon I had a stack!

I remember buying these fabrics. It was probably 1999 and I worked at Walmart. 
I walked past the fabric department every day to clock in and out. 
I had already made one quilt while I was in college but my mom had bought the fabrics for me. I had the quilting bug, so I started buying fabric for myself.
I remember that fabric was cheap there. Only like $3 a yard. I didn't know how much to buy. I would just buy it because I liked it. I still do that now but I don't buy so much and I try to have a plan!
So here I am, fifteen years later with all this leftover Walmart fabric. I decided it has waited long enough. Time to be made into something!
Half of these blocks are old fabrics. It needed more color so I added in some new fabrics and I like it! I've always wanted to try a maple leaf block. They aren't difficult to make but the stem takes a little time. These blocks are 12" and I'm going to add a sashing. Unfortunately,  I'm out of background fabric.
Guess I should get back to cleaning up my sewing mess.


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