Frosty Sunshine

I must have started this quilt back in November, although, I was so busy then, now I don't remember. I stayed up late many nights, sewing these wonky log cabin blocks but it didn't matter, it was therapy!

This is the second quilt made from the thrift store sheets I picked up back in October. I talked about the first one here and here. I still have a lot of sheets left, even after making two quilts. I don't mind though, it's fun to think about all the quilt designs I could make!

This time, I did quilt as you go, using up batting scraps for my foundation. I cut the batting into 10" squares, sewed the fabric strips on and then trimmed the blocks to 9.5".
Quilt as you go was the way to go! I only did minimal quilting along the seams when I added the backing, which is so much easier to do on my machine. The backing is another sheet that has a sweet flower pattern. The finished size is 54" x 63". It was supposed to be a Christmas present for Gary's mom but now it will have to be a new year's present! I like how sunny and cheerful it is. 
I hope she likes it, too!


  1. This turned out SUPER! I love it and the colors and the name!

  2. That is definitely a bright cheerful quilt, so nice to see this cold dreary time of year!

    1. Thank you, Pam! It is cold out now, isn't it? I just want to make bright and cheerful things, now that most days are cold and dreary!


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