Iceland Shawl

Here is my lovely sister Melissa, wearing the finished Iceland Shawl! We finally got a couple pictures taken when she was home last weekend.
The pattern is called Cherry Surprise. Instead of making it all one color, I followed the striping pattern from the Iceland photo. I used sparkly Patons lace yarn. Melissa liked the sequins, so they stayed in. I did notice that the yarn had more sequins on the outside of the ball. As I got to the center, there were hardly any sequins. Just an FYI if you decide to use this yarn!
Happy Friday all! I hope you have a great weekend!
My weekend plans are to practice piano.
A lot.


  1. I love the way your shawl turned out. Simply stunning!

  2. Bueno este chal es una hermosura y los colores mis preferidos que buena combinación muy bonito, algún día me gustaría tejerlo pero al crochet obvio ☺ me enamoro besitos.


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