My sister Melissa visited Iceland on vacation a couple weeks ago. I tell you what, my sister has traveled to some amazing places! Maybe one of these days, I can go on a vacation with her. 
Anyway, while she was there, she found a shawl that she really liked. She sent me a picture and asked, "Will you make this for me?!" 
I love my sister and making things, so of course I said yes!
 I started looking up patterns on Ravelry and found a couple I thought would work. I don't know how close this comes to the actual stitching on the Iceland shawl, since I couldn't see it up close. I'm taking down notes, in case I really like how it turns out and want to make another one! 
I'm using this lace weight yarn that has sparkly sequins because I couldn't find any lacy yarn without. I'm not sure how I feel about the sequins. I might take them out, unless Melissa likes them!
What do you think? Have you ever tried making something from a photo?


  1. Awesome idea I love it! Post pictures of the final piece please?


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