The snow is coming today! 
What a weird warm December it has been.
Yesterday, I stopped at the fabric store to pick up a couple items I needed to finish up my Christmas know, just in case we have a snow day tomorrow! 
On the finished side, my sister's shawl is done! I haven't been able to get any photos of it yet, but I will have her model it when we get together this weekend! My niece Maddie is getting a purple stocking hat with pink buttons and a pom pom on top.
 On the not finished side, I've got one owl towel finished and the other one is under way. I started a cowl in bulky yarn for a quick last minute gift. My nephew Jimmy will hopefully be getting a knitted ball. When those projects are done, I'm thinking about whipping up some cute monster dolls for the nephews. If we have a snow day tomorrow, that may happen!
C'mon SNOW!!


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