Maddie's Big Girl Bed Quilt

Maddie's big girl bed quilt is finished! I started it last September and then we moved, so it got stashed away not to be seen again until now.  
I debated about making a binding for this, but I really like how it looks without. So, to sew it all together, I used adhesive spray to attach the batting to the backing. Then I sewed the top to the back, right sides together and left an opening. Turned it right sides out, pressed the edges, pinned it flat and then carefully sewed the edge. For the quilting, I stitched in the ditch.
I forgot to measure it, but it's about a twin size.
I've been wanting to embroider lately, so I made this label for the back. The backing fabric is from Joann's.

We used Maddie's quilt for the first time last weekend to make a blanket fort! Gary snapped this photo of Maddie and I reading books by flashlight. That sure was fun!
Hooray for another finished project! 
That's my brother Chris behind the quilt, in case you were wondering :)


  1. Jen, the quilt is adorable, and the embroidered tag so beautifully precise! I'm so impressed!

  2. Thanks Molly! The best part is I've heard that Maddie loves the quilt, so that makes me happy!


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