Work in Progress Wednesday

4.5" x 7.5" rectangles.
Covering my dining room table.
Lots of purple and pink for Miss Maddie's "Big Girl Bed" Quilt! This pattern is called "Brick Path". I'm really loving how the quilt is coming together. So far, I've sewn together half of the quilt top. Since all the pieces are sitting on my dining table, I stop and sew a row here and there. No fussy piecing, just sit and sew. It's very relaxing to sew something simple. Not a lot of thinking, just enjoying the making. After I finish up Maddie's quilt, I think I will make one of these for me. I have lots of fabric to use up, and this pattern is perfect for that!


  1. She asked me last night..."Aunt Jenpur making me blanket?" I told her yes she is! She is really excited.

  2. I miss you too Melly! Can't wait for your visit home.


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