I Am Barely Breathing

January 11th. The handwriting on this dream journal entry is barely legible. That seems to be the case for my most vivid dreams. I can't scribble them out fast enough! I first wrote about this dream here. I was pretty sad in January. Maybe that's why it's taken me awhile to make this page. This image from the dream has stayed with me, though. I knew it would be a challenge to make and I really wanted to see if I could do it. 

The dream had several parts but everything took place in a castle themed tourist town. Here's what happened in this dream scene. 

We went inside the castle. The next room was a large, old fashioned gymnasium with high ceilings and a wood lined pool. White swans were swimming. We laughed as we jumped into the pool with our clothes on. He hugged me tight and twirled me around in the water. I was wearing a dress and when he let me go, I looked down into the water and noticed how beautifully it swirled and flowed in slow motion. I could feel my heart beating. A strange feeling of time standing still came over me. I looked back to him as he was having fun, splashing around in the water. It felt like he had loved me forever yet we were learning about each other for the first time. I felt confused and heavy. I was swimming in a pool of my emotions. Happy and sad all at once. 

Fun fact: I am almost always wearing a dress in my dreams! So how does one make dry, stiff fabric look like it's wet and flowing under water? That was my biggest challenge in making this page. I cut the dress shape out of a light mint colored fabric and then added the turquoise tulle on top. When I put the green flowery overlay piece on, the dress became too washed out, so I painted some white wrinkles to make the skirt pop. I think it sort of works? 

I'm not crazy about my painting on the background but I was too lazy for a redo. I decided to add some blingy bubbles since I still have jewels left over from the tiger page. The image I used as inspiration is here. And if you want an earworm, you can listen here. 


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