Isn't It Funny How Time Flies

I was going to skip this dream because I wasn't sure how I would make the image. But then, the idea of it would not get out of my mind. I had to make something. 

I had this dream back in March, amid a week of dreams that were vivid and unusual.This dream was definitely different. It was as if I had been dropped into a movie, the scene already in progress. I had no choice in the way the events unfolded. It was not like one of my regular dreams where events are ever changing and chaotic. The scene played out and I was an observer. Here's what I remember. 

When my eyes focused, I saw him standing directly across from me. I recognize him from my present life and he looks a bit different but I am not confused by that. There's a fire burning on the ground inbetween us. We are singing a song together. Our hands, palms up, raising slowly to the sky. I notice our simple peasant clothing and become aware that we are in the middle ages. A different era. Another land. The breeze catches my hair and I catch a glimpse of long, very curly strawberry blond locks. My gaze moves from him to the place we are standing. Outdoors. We are dwarfed by undulating hills. Their lush green is only broken by a never ending blue sky. I'm overwhelmed by the beauty. It is summer. The feeling of home, joy and a deep heart connection. My alarm clock goes off. The exact words of the song playing on the radio are, "I Will Be With You Again." It was a strange and wonderful dream. 

As I was driving home today and thinking about writing this post, there were no less than three songs on the radio about time. Isn't it funny how time flies. Time keeps on slipping into the future. It's 3 am, I must be lonely. Is that a coincidence on a day that I'm writing a post about time traveling in a seemingly past life dream? My life has been full of weird synchronicities lately, I tell you. 

Here are the images that inspired this page. Top right  Bottom left Bottom right

Doesn't this look like the cover of a romance novel? Oooo Fabio take me away haha! It makes me smile. I had so much fun painting the landscape on the background fabric. Once again, I painted with straight fabric dye. The clouds were created with a glue resist. I love how it turned out! For the embroidered lettering, I used metallic floss. Horrible stuff. But it looks pretty. I decided to run a thin line of silver around the silhouettes as a nod to the silver thread that holds our souls to our bodies when we time travel in our dreams 😊 ha. 

What do you think? Am I nuts? Have you ever had a dream about a past life? I'd love to hear about it. 


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