BeeUtifully Modern Quilting Bee

Back in April, I joined the Beeutifully Modern Quilting Bee. It has been a blast so far! All of us belong to the Modern Guild but we thought we would experiment and challenge each other in a small group setting. The idea is that the "Queen Bee" comes up with the challenge idea and color scheme for her quilt. Then the group makes the blocks for her. So much fun. Our meetings over coffee are the best part though. Lots of laughs and great creative ideas. 

Our focus is on modern quilting, which made choosing a prompt difficult for me! There are so many possibilities. I have loved the prompts from my bee mates so far! Some have been pretty challenging, which is the point. It's stretching my creativity for sure! We have made it once through everyone in the group, so I thought I'd share the blocks I made for each queen. 

"Japandi" @kmjarchow  

Kristie asked for minimal log cabin blocks with made stripes. They could be straight or wabi sabi. I love her muted color scheme! I've seen a few peeks of her quilt top and it is gorgeous. 

"Scrappy Geese or Goose Poop" @lizthanel

Liz gave each of us a color of the rainbow and asked for scrappy blocks that had to contain flying geese. I couldn't decide between traditional or improv, so I made her two blocks.

"City Lights" @phyllishigley

Phyllis asked for stripey blocks, a dark background with sparks of light. I had so much fun imagining and creating city buildings!

"Tell Me Your Story" - Judy

Judy asked for 4 inch blocks with minimal black and white designs or symbols that represent something about your life. And we had to secretly add our signature. Judy's was the most challenging for me because the blocks were so small! I chose to make musical symbols since I'm a musician. The block on the bottom row is my secret signature. It's a soundwave of my first name. 

"Mondrian Map" was my prompt. I had each person choose three colors they like plus black and white. Then they had to create a map of their neighborhood in the style of a Mondrian Composition. Aren't these blocks fabulous?! I absolutely LOVE the blocks my friends made for me! Now to get to work on the quilt.

This group is turning out to be so much fun. I look forward to our meetings every month. I can't wait to see everyone's finished quilts from this go around. I'm hoping for more creative fun with my bee mates in 2019!


  1. I love the map idea for your blocks!!

  2. Great post. I need to do one about this too but waiting to get Japandi done....some day. I love your blocks and prompts. I can't wait to see where we go this year.


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