Summer Fabric Fun

Summer has been lots of fun so far! I'm starting to feel like every day is Friday, so I think that means the summer de-stress is underway. As a quilter, summer for me means lots of time to sew and create things. What's really great is having the time to go on fabric finding missions with Kristie! She had a birthday coupon for Country Traditions fabric shop burning a hole in her pocket, so we took a road trip to Fremont. 

Before shopping, we stopped for coffee at the Polymath Cyber Cafe. It's located in downtown Fremont, not even a block away from the fabric shop. I had an iced mocha and Kris had iced tea and as we sat there, lots of people were coming in from the rain. It's a cozy spot and a popular place from what I could tell! We were about to leave when we were offered a free smoothie pop. They sounded pretty tasty, so we stayed a little longer. If I visit again, I will try the food next time! 

Country Traditions is a large store and we were greeted several times by the friendly staff. With thousands of bolts of fabric, I could see how one could be easily overwhelmed by all the choices! It was nice to know help was there.  Kristie and I are both participating in our modern guild's mini quilt swap, so we jumped right into looking for fabric for our minis. 

I chose these for my project.

After fabric shopping, we had lunch at this cute place, Bella's Broadstreet Diner. I would show you the hot beef sandwich I ordered, but it was basically all covered in brown gravy haha! It was comfort food and so good. Do you have favorite spots I should check out in Fremont? Let me know!

Here's the start of my mini quilt with the fabrics I bought at Country Traditions. I'm going for summery, bright and fun! 

So today, Kris and I did a bit more fabric shopping at our local shop, Crafthouse. We both had coupons this time, so we braved the heat and went to see what we could find! 

The navy fabric on the bottom is a knit and it's just so cute with the animal constellations. Not sure what I'm doing with it yet but it was on super sale! (Crafthouse is having a sidewalk sale Friday and Saturday BTW!) I chose the other three items to make this Canvas Pencil Pouch 

I just love it! Not only is the pattern free, it is simple to sew. I think I will make a few more for fun! 


  1. How fun to shop with a fabric buddy!!! Love the pencil pouch, and your mini is so clever, I love it too!


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