Pretty Pink Peony Pojagi

Have you ever tried sewing Pojagi? This is my first attempt at it after being inspired by a few of my quilt guild friends. I started clicking around on Pinterest for ideas and found this artists work and then I REALLY had to give it a try! This is my attempt at emulating her rose pattern. I dug around in my stash to see if I had any thin fabrics and I found some scraps from an old white sheet. I've been really liking pink at the moment, so I added in some pink scraps for the peony. Of course, I did all of this on my sewing machine, not by hand. I was too excited to figure it out! The cool thing about it is it's patchwork like a quilt but all the seams are flat felled so they are finished on the back. I haven't finished the edges on this piece yet. I'm wondering if I should keep going and make it into a bigger hanging? I love how it looks like stained glass with the light shining through. 


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