A week ago, Gary and I went camping with mom and Dennis at Rock Creek Station near Fairbury. It was beautiful weather for sleeping in a tent and we had a great time! The campground had wren houses all over the park and there was even one with a nest right by mom's tent. So cute. I really enjoyed learning about the history of Rock Creek Station. Gary and I spent a HOT afternoon eating mulberries from the trees along the trail and exploring the buildings in the park. Rock Creek Station was a stopping place for pioneers heading West on the Oregon and California trails. You can still see the ruts from the wagon trains that passed through, which is neat. It was also a Pony Express station and home to the Old West legend, Wild Bill Hickok, for a time. I'm glad we took the time to take in the historical part of the park, I learned some things! Now that we've found all our camping gear, we should go again! Where are your favorite camping spots? 


  1. Wow love all your pics they are so good! We need to go there someday too.


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