Giant Log Cabin Baby Quilt

My first finished quilt of 2018! It's not a project from my WIP pile (which I need to tackle soon) but it ended up being a quick make for my coworkers new baby. 

My coworkers baby was due at the end of February, right when we were doing the musical. My sewing time and sewing mojo was very limited but I really wanted to make a baby quilt for them. I had been thinking about making a giant log cabin quilt already but then I thought it would make a really quick baby quilt. I started the top at the beginning of February and I finished the quilt before the baby was born but I didn't get it to them until today. Life, am I right? 

I had all the fabric for this quilt in my stash. Originally, I thought I would go buy a pre cut jelly roll to make this an even speedier project, but then I looked at what I already had and I had plenty of fabric in blues and greens. I cut 2.5" strips and got to sewing. I added strips around and around until the top measured 45" square. 

For the back, I had this arrow fabric that was not quite big enough. I decided to add in this braid piece with the leftover strips from the front. Here's the French Braid Tutorial. Fun and easy to do! 

I also made a few burp cloths to give with the quilt. I cut the fabric 10" x 18" and wouldn't you know, I had just enough of each of these fabrics for one cloth. It was meant to be! 

Giant Log Cabin Quilt
43" x 43" 
PIeced and Quilted by me. 


  1. oh man it looks great! I am sure jr. will love it!!

  2. Wonderful projects, the baby is lucky! The braid on the back really makes it a double sided quilt, great work.

  3. Front and back, that quilt is a whole lot of AWESOME!!! That is one lucky baby.

  4. This is a fabulous finish, Jennifer!


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