Don't Cry Out Loud

I've only cried once today...ok, twice. I had no sleep last night after our final musical performance and church came reallly early this morning. The struggle was real real.

Our school musical this year was Little Shop of Horrors. You know, the one about the alien plant that eats people? It's a fun one. This was my second time playing the show and I enjoyed not having to learn a whole show from scratch. 

The techies made this "VanDizzle and the Gutter Boys" sign for the band. VanDizzle has been my nickname at school for a long time. The Gutter Boys comes from a line in the show where Audrey talks about working at a night club called "The Gutter." So, that's how our band name was born! We actually performed from behind that wood slat wall during the show. It was a little weird because we were jammed in there like sardines. It worked, I guess. I had fun playing this time and I always hope that the kids have fun and that they learn something. 

I'm looking forward to getting back into a more normal schedule and hey, maybe even seeing Gary a little bit. Or just seeing the sunshine will be nice. It's always a bit of an adjustment for me to feel "normal" after a show. The 14 hour days consisting of school AND rehearsals paired with constantly being around people is fun but draining. My body hurts. Time for some me time. My quiet little sewing corner is calling me. I'm hoping to get back to work on my plus block pillow covers. Here's the blocks all sewn together! 


  1. I just saw this post and love the title. Man this is always a grueling time for you. Over and onto break. Enjoy this week! :)


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