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Finally! A good old blustery Nebraska snow storm came through today, which I have been waiting for! I had a snow day from school last week but it wasn't because of snow, it was because of the arctic cold temps. I was all excited to have a snow day (with real snow) from school today. I thought I was going to clean the whole house and sew all my projects and bake something delicious. But then, I ended up with a headache and no motivation! I couldn't decide what to work on. I knit a few rows on my sweater project. Then I cooked some food. Then I laid on the floor for awhile. Then I sewed for a little bit. I went out in the snow and wind and took pictures. Then I took a nap. Lots of starts and stops. I just couldn't settle on one project or even decide what to watch on tv. Such a weird day. 

So here's some things I've got going on. I was digging through one of my bins the other day and found these cute Michael Miller hearts that I won as a prize. Aren't they bright and fun? 

What to do with them? I have been thinking that I need a portable sewing project, so I decided to try some needle turn applique. I watched a couple YouTube videos to refresh my memory on how to do it and got started. I definitely want it to go faster than it does haha! After making 9 blocks, I feel like I'm getting the hang of it. Hopefully I can make these into something before Valentine's Day! 

I'm still plugging away at the plus blocks for the Plus Block Quilt Along. I'm hoping to make 32 five inch blocks for two pillow covers. 

So that's how my snow day went. I should probably go outside and scoop some snow. What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day? 


  1. Oh man you rock! Stops and starts but progress all the same. Love your hearts.


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