What Happened to September?

Where did September go? I feel like I have been just schlepping along, sort of working on projects but not really getting anything done.

I am so happy that I planted zinnias this year. They are my favorites, so colorful and cheerful. We had an explosion of painted lady butterflies a couple weeks ago and they were loving the zinnias as well as the sedum. It was truly amazing to walk past the flower patch and be surrounded by the fluttering swarm of butterfly wings!

The painted ladies have mostly moved on  but we have a few monarchs visiting the last blooms now. I love the white polka dots on the edge of their wings.

I have been doing some sewing. I'm really happy to have this memory quilt top all put together. It has been taking up my sewing room floor for many weeks as I slowly puzzled it together. Time to decide how to quilt it...I've got to keep the momentum going on this one!

Here's hoping I have more motivation to sew in October!


  1. Right! September flew by and October is going just as quick! I find comfort in knowing your dewing mojo has been low...mine too. But! It's Fall and we are busy back to teaching....which is so fun!

  2. Such a pretty zinnia picture!!


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