Pacific Lace Shawl

I started this Pacific Lace Shawl back in January when I was visiting my mom. It's one of those projects that I'm excited about when I start but then as the stitches start piling up, it gets more difficult to keep the momentum going. I did get it finished up last weekend though, just in time for the warm weather Haha! As you can see in the picture above, I played yarn chicken and won! I can't believe I didn't run out on that last reeally long row. This shawl is asymmetrical, with one long skinny side that can wrap around my neck a couple times. I'm looking forward to wearing it in the fall! 

I used one skein of ModeWerk yarn (purchased at local shop Crafthouse) in the colorway Flow Shabby Chic and 2US/2.75 mm needles. 


  1. What a beautiful scarf, the colors look lovely on you. Great for spring as well as fall.


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