Disney Trip

I have been invited to participate in the #vantagepoint project, which challenges photographers from around the world to share the stories of their favorite photos. The company, Light, has developed a new compact camera that uses multiple lenses to create a DSLR quality image within a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand. Check out this Video to see how it works! Super cool!

I just returned from a five day trip to Florida with our high school music department. Five exhausting days of theme parks, haha! I took my usual camera, a Canon PowerShot G12 and my cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7. After the first day of lugging the PowerShot around my neck, I switched to the cell phone exclusively for photos. It was much more convienient and less cumbersome. I could also immediately post photos to our social media pages so the parents back home could see what we were up to. I would have loved to try out the new Light camera on this trip!
Here's some photos of where we went.

Day One: Epcot Center
I love Epcot, the kids are kinda meh about it. I got to see the Pointer Sisters perform a few songs before the kids were ready to move on! One of these days, I'll go back without 90 teenagers.
Day Two: Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach and Medieval Times. 
I especially liked the memorial display dedicated to the astronauts who were killed in the Challenger and Columbia shuttle explosions. When I was in elementary school, we were all excited for the first teacher in space. The teachers had us all gathered around a TV in our classroom to watch the launch. Imagine our devastation as we watched the Challenger explode before our eyes. This display was so well done and it made me cry.

Day Three: Disney World
I rode rollercoasters and didn't puke. Awesome.

Day Four: Universal Studios
AKA Harry Potter World!! Most likely the place where our kids blew all their souvenir money. I also rode the Gringotts Rollercoaster ride and did not puke but I felt like it haha. The dragon on top of Gringotts breathed fire. Pretty epic!

Day Five: Disney's Hollywood Studios 
The Star Wars fans loved this place. I however, did not love the Star Wars ride...almost puked lol! 

That was a lot of photos, did you make it to the end? 😄 I had a great time but am happy to be home. Hope you enjoyed my photos!


  1. Wow the colors in the photos say quilts to me!!! Love them and your new layout...so I think we were supposed to be sisters or something as I updated too. I just love the Epcot photo.


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