Life Lately

Life has been busy lately and my phone is getting full of pics, so here's some of what's been happening!

Mom's  house in January. Aren't these doily jars she made pretty? I spent a weekend with her after she had foot surgery.

Her pup Teddy helped me pin baste the rainbow spiderweb quilt. 

Mom gave me a new quilting ruler which is designed to be used with pre cut jelly roll strips. It's called the X Block Ruler and I tried it out right away when I got home. I think they turned out pretty neat! I haven't decided what I'm doing with these yet. 

I saw the Log Cabins by Luke Haynes exhibit at the IQSCM. It's wonderful the way the quilts are displayed. You should go see it, I loved it. 

The same weekend, I heard a talk by quilter Joe Cunningham at the IQSCM. He began the talk by playing guitar and singing which made me happy. He talked about the history of quilts, showed some of his own quilts and had us all laughing.

Hmm, I've been spending a lot of time at the quilt museum, haven't I? Haha! Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild has started up again and we had a sew day on Saturday. Look at that crowd! The Quilts of Valor group was there sewing too, so it was a big quilty party! 

We learned about sewing curves at the sew day. This is what I made using the Quick Curve Ruler. The colors are inspired by The Addams Family musical and Fester's girlfriend, the moon. :)

So now I'm playing around with some block placement. This will most likely stay this way until I'm done with our school musical in a few weeks. (We're doing The Addams Family this year!) So that's life lately, with a little knitting and lots of piano playing mixed in for maximum busyness! 


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