Rainbow Spider Webs

Back in December, I got the itch to make a spider web quilt. But I didn't want to make small blocks that would take forever to make into a quilt top. I wondered what it would look like if I made large blocks. I jotted down what I thought I wanted it to look like and decided on some measurements. 

If I made 15" squares, a 4 x 4 layout would make about a 60" throw. I cut out 15" newspaper squares and cut them in half diagonally for templates. For the kite shape, I marked it 4" on each side from the corner and made a template. 

My plan was to make a scrappy color wheel with blue kites and to use fabric and scraps that I already have. I started by making a color wheel in the center and built out from there. 

Not exactly like my drawing but I'm loving it! 

I got this far and thought, cute baby quilt! But it was only 40" square and I still had more scraps sooo..

Now I'm adding more blocks to make it 60". Stay tuned! 


  1. Great idea to change the size! I use newspaper too for this sort of thing or old phone books. Looking forward to seeing more! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!


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