Single Roses: A Musical Quilty Collaboration

I showed a little sneak peek of this project in my last post and now I'm excited to show you the finished product!
My cousin, Kathy, and I are birthday buddies and we just celebrated at the end of November. We are both musicians as well, but she actually writes and records her own songs! When she asked me if she could use one of my quilty photos for cover art on her upcoming mini album, I said YES! But then, I got excited about the possibility of making something specifically for this project and asked for more information. She told me the name was going to be "Single Roses," and immediately the ideas started churning. 

I've been wanting to work on improv curves and thought this would be the perfect project! It took me a couple tries to get something that looked somewhat flowery. The "roses" are so curvy, they do not want to lay flat! I had to take in a lot of seams after the fact to get things flatter. Then came the puzzling part of connecting eveything together! It was tricky and I almost ran out of background fabric but I got it figured out! 

The quilting helped flatten things out, as well as the blocking in the end. I really like how the big stitch quilting looks on the roses, especially with multi colored perle cotton thread. The back side is fun with the big stitches, too! For the backgound, I did straight line machine quilting. 

The finished wallhanging measures 18" x 24" 
I used mostly Grunge and solid fabrics.
This was such a fun collaboration, I'm so happy with how it turned out! 
Click over HERE to listen to Kathy's music! 


  1. I love this!! The colors are beautiful and the big stitch quilting is such a compliment to the piece. You make me want to try improv curves.

  2. This is gorgeous!! I've never done improv curves and I'm really impressed with how yours came together! Really nice finish!

  3. That is so cool! Way to go with the improv! I have yet to be brave enough to try that method :)

  4. This is gorgeous!! I love it! The hand quilting really boost it up a notch too.

  5. Stunning finish. The colors and the quilting detail is impressive.


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