November Sewing

November seems to have disappeared! Is anyone else surprised that tomorrow is December?  

Even though I don't know where the month went, I have been doing some sewing and I've actually FINISHED a couple projects! The Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild had a bag sew along at a sew day earlier in the month where we could make a wine holder bag, the Sew Together Bag or the Bionic Gear Bag. 

I made the Bionic Gear Bag. Thankfully, my friend Kristie had already made one and she helped me get started! It wasn't too bad to make, even though installing zippers is not my favorite. I just had to take it one step at a time. 

I love this bag! It holds A LOT of sewing supplies. I tested it out over Thanksgiving break at mom's and it kept all my stuff together. It works great in the car, too!

I made a nice stack of Christmas potholders for my Aunt's Christmas barn. I had my assembly line down this year and made 20! 

Here's a little peek at a project I made for my cousin, Kathy. I love how my circle improv turned out! I worked on quilting this over Thanksgiving and I can't wait to take some photos and share the finished product! 

While we were all together at mom's on Thanksgiving, my sister Becky and I had a discussion about the frayed edge napkins we made as little girls in 4-H. We both felt that the experience back in the day was stressful because Grandma V was helping us get these made for the fair and she was a perfectionist! We ripped and redid our stitches so many times, it's amazing there was any fabric left to sew! My sister says this napkin project is the reason she doesn't sew anymore ha! As it turns out, mom made some in 4-H, too, and she just happened to have all of our napkins tucked away in her tablecloth drawer. We thought a mother daughter photo was in order :)

So that was my November, sewing wise. I would love to see what you're working on!


  1. omg, great post! You have done so much this month and everything looks so great. Love your 4-H story too. That is so cool that your mom still had them.

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