Exhibit Quilt

Finished Exhibit Quilt! Isn't it fun? It's been almost a year since I received these blocks, so I'm happy to finally have it finished.

This quilt is the result of a block swap that was hosted by a local shop, Crafthouse, using the Exhibit pattern by Eye Candy Quilts.  

The fabrics for each block were chosen by Crafthouse. All of the blocks in my quilt, with the exception of one, were made by other quilters. I love the fact that so many hands were involved in the creation of this quilt! There are so many fun fabrics in here, mummies and bunnies, butterflies and kitties! There's a huge variety of fabrics, many of them I probably wouldn't have chosen for myself, but I'm really enjoying the whimsy! 

This is the one block I got back of the blocks I sewed. I'd love to know who made the others! As I sewed the blocks together, I could tell that there were varying levels of sewing expertise involved. Some blocks were perfectly sewn, with the fabrics fussy cut so each piece matched exactly. Other blocks had uneven seam allowances and wonky edges. But you know what? I didn't care that it was a little challenging to make these blocks work together because everyone who made these blocks tried their best and hopefully enjoyed the process, just like I did! We all have to start somewhere and I love that my quilt has both perfection and imperfection. That's life. And probably par for the course when participating in a swap. 
You know what else happens in my life sometimes? Laziness. The pattern called for sashing between the blocks but I was lazy and decided to sew them together as is. I really like the diagonal pattern that emerged though, which prompted me to quilt on the diagonal. 

For the back, I used Anna Maria Horner's free Feather Bed Pattern along with this feather fabric I found. I think it was meant to be how the colors just happened to work together, since I made the feather blocks way before I found the feather fabric!

Quilt details: 
47" x 60"
Blocks made by many AWESOME people
Machine quilted by me


  1. Love it!!! I am so jealous and need to get going on mine! I adore the blocks and the back. I wondered when we were going to see those feathers you made! Love it!!!!

  2. A fabulous finish! I have that feather pattern in my pile of "want to make when I have extra time" ideas :) So fun to see so many people's fabric choices work together!

  3. You made a really beautiful quilt. Enjoy snuggeling on the couch with it.

  4. Wow! This quilt works even with blocks from many different quilters! Love your backing with the arrows. Your lighting on the photos is perfect too. Thanks for sharing.


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