Experiments With Dyeing #1

I've been itching to try fabric dyeing all summer, so now that school is only 5 days away, I figure I better get to it! I picked up some inexpensive cotton fabric from Walmart and a couple packets of fabric dye from Joann's.

Here is my first ever attempt at tie dye. I watched a bunch of videos on how to fold this and then I folded it wrong! The part at the top should be in the middle and then mirrored. I still like it though, I like the blue color and the distinct shapes. 

Doesn't it sort of look like an xray? 

I used Jeans Blue for this tie dye. 

I had to fix my folding mistake from before, so I tried again. But, when I folded it correctly, the fabric was much thicker than before, which meant the dye did not penetrate to the inside folds very much. 

The pattern is subtle and light. I'm thinking a baby blanket would be nice from this piece.  

I also tried a little shibori, which I think turned out pretty! 

I would like to experiment with this technique some more! 

I used Ocean Blue for this tie dye. It looks bright purple in the dye bath but dries into this soft periwinkle color. 
I'm having lots of fun playing, stay tuned for more dyeing experiments! 


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