It's been three weeks now since my dad had a heart attack. Two weeks since he had quadruple bypass surgery. And five days since he's been back home.
 Before this, I haven't spent much time in the hospital and I must admit, I'm not good at it. All the waiting in a small room with uncomfortable chairs. Waiting for test results, waiting for the littlest bit of news from the doctors. All the distressed people in the hallways and elevators. Overhearing a stranger's phone call as she bursts into tears saying she can't do this alone, again. Ugh it was just too sad and too much sometimes.  

We've had a tough few weeks. There  are so many things I am thankful for, though. The doctors and nurses who took such good care of dad. All the family who came to see dad. All the family and friends who prayed for us and who checked in with us with text messages, phone calls and hugs. Thanks to those who prayed for my patience! My sisters, brother and mom who were a shoulder to lean on and still are. Thank you.

I've spent  the last week with dad, now that he's home. They've put me to work mowing, gardening and watering! I'm happy I had some summer left to be able to help out. As we sit here watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, I'm thankful that he is getting better, a little every day. I'm happy we can spend this time together.


  1. Yes, how grateful that it's still summer for us... but ugh....sending hugs your way!

  2. What a blessing to be there with him...even though hospitals are just hard. Praying for his continued healing and recuperation. My dad had triple by-pass when I was living 4 hour away, it was hard. I recognize your paper there! I wondered one other time from something you you have some Custer County roots?! Enjoy the Olympics!

  3. So glad you had this time. Your dad is going to miss you I bet. More hugs waiting for you when you get back. That last pic reminds me of my farm days at dusk. love it


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