Butterfly Blocks

I had a great time visiting family last week. After dropping Melissa and Jamie off at the airport on Wednesday, mom and I spent another day together. We did a little thrifting, fabric shopping and lunch in Grand Island. Fun!

Mom's garden is in full bloom and I was so happy that I got to see the tree lilies doing their thing! I need to get some of these, they are so beautiful and they smell good, too. 

Mom has a jar of caterpillars on her kitchen window sill right now. We were amazed to see that some of the caterpillars changed into their chrysalis over night! 

How cool is that? I can't wait to see if these hatch into butterflies! It's going to take a couple weeks though, and I'm feeling impatient. Once I started thinking about butterflies, I remembered that I have some butterfly blocks pinned on my paper pieced board on Pinterest. 

 I chose to try this free Butterfly Charm Block Pattern from Lillyella. It took me a minute to remember how to paper piece, but once I got going, I had a couple made! They're small blocks, only 5", but since they're small, they only use little bits of fabric. I think they're designed to use with pre cut charm packs. I dug into my scraps drawers for these. I do wish that they were a bit bigger though, because making each one takes some time and then in the end the block is small. I suppose the pattern could be enlarged on a copy machine. So what do you think, what should I make with them? Mini quilt or a pillow? I'll probably make a few more, I've got a couple more color combinations in mind!


  1. Sooooo very cool is that!! The butterfly life cycle always amazes me.


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