Oh the overflowing scrap box. It was time to do something about the mess, so I bought two of these rolling drawer carts and stacked them up to organize my scraps by color. Before, I had two smallish boxes with all my scraps crammed in them and everytime I wanted something, all the scraps I didn't want would come falling out. I'm loving this set up much better, it's much easier to find what I want, one color at a time! Hopefully this will help me stay more organized.

My organization streak didn't last long though. Seeing all my scraps out made me want to play! I have a lot of pink and blue scraps so I decided to see what I could come up with. 

I've been wanting to try the strings score from the Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. Since I already have all these cut up strips, I decided to start sewing them together. I only know that I want long, vertical strips at this point.

It's pretty wiggly and fun so far! 

I've got more pink scraps but I wonder if I'll have enough to make a throw quilt? This project will eat them up fast. Woo scrap busting!


  1. Love the scrap organisation and it made me laugh that organising them made you want to play with them! Love the result. My scraps are somewhat low I have to say - must mean I need to do more sewing.

  2. FUn....they'd look cool with a big appliqued flower on top!!

  3. Scraps are a constant issue in my life! I organize and organize them, but I cannot keep up with USING them! I like what you're doing with them, though,the colors look quite fresh together.


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