Summer break is here and I am loving it!
On a whim, Gary and I hopped in the car and drove to Columbus on Monday afternoon. He wanted to check out a store there and I wanted to ride along for fun. I dug out the hexies to sew on the way. 

After shopping, we ate at this family restaurant, which was entertaining in itself. I'm glad we stopped in because the whole moment makes me smile, from the wood paneled walls to the bossy hostess, I would go back just for the atmosphere. Gary said his steak was pretty good, so was my patty melt.

We had an awesome lightning show on the way home. Luckily, we drove out of the storm.
Speaking of rain, we've had lots of rainy days, so I haven't worked outside much. Some flowers are blooming though, like the Canterbury Bells and Foxgloves.


I had to pick some peonies because they were flopping in the mud after all the rain. 

All I've wanted to do since school got out is knit, which is bad for my pile of quilts that need finishing! I started a new knit project that I think will become a prayer shawl for church. The reason for the knitting frenzy? I just finished my scrap yarn blanket last night and I love it! It's the most soft, squishy blanket ever. It's all garter stitch and it measures 47" x 58.5". If I remember right, I cast on 160 stitches and used size 7 needles. This blanket is two years in the making, I'm really happy it's done! 


  1. Love your hexis! Summer for you, but it's winter for me here in NZ!

  2. Hope your summer is filled with trips like that :) I really like your blanket, that is a great way to use up scrap yarns. I bought a house last week and so on our vacation I knitted up some washclothes. Nothing big, but it was fun :)

  3. Wow! I love those colourful hexies and the flower arrangement that you chose. And congratulations on your crochet/knit? finish. That is one snuggly looking blanket!

  4. I love the beautiful bright hexagons on the dark background. I am so trying to resist a hexagon quilt............ and loosing.


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