Denim Circles and Rainbow Log Cabin

One week of school left. I feel like I'm going in lots of different directions and not getting much of anything done. There's always so much to do with end of school year performances and I keep telling myself you're almost there! I've been trying to squeeze in a little sewing when I can and I've been snapping some pics along the way.

I really enjoyed making the Denim Circles Pillows! It was a fun way to repurpose some old jeans. I'm glad I stuck to a pillow size, it ended up being a manageable project that didn't overwhelm me and I upcycled two pairs of jeans!

The rainbow log cabin baby quilt came to be after my friend's funeral. I met Ron at church. He was the nicest person, always genuinely interested in what was going on in people's lives. We had some great conversations in the church office after the service almost every Sunday. He would be making copies and I would be putting things away when we would begin talking about the past week or about things we had seen on Facebook. We talked about photography and he always asked about my quilts. It was nice.

Ron's liver gave out and he passed away after two failed attempts at a liver transplant. Life is so fragile, here one minute and gone in a moment. I played for his funeral last Saturday and I was sad afterwards, so I tried to cheer myself up with some happy sewing.

After a quick stop at the Calico House, I got right to work back at home. Rainbow is my go to color combo, so I cut a bunch of 3" strips from my solid fabrics and started sewing the log cabin blocks. I've been picking up some low volume fabrics and used them for the background. I especially love the music notation fabric! The backing is a green and white chevron with matching green binding. The final quilt measures 32" x 37"

Turns out our student teacher at school is going to be having her first baby in September, so Women's Choir threw a baby shower for her (ice cream and cupcakes at 8 am Oh My!) and I worked really  hard on Wednesday night to finish this happy baby quilt by Thursday. I love how it turned out and she was so surprised. I think my happy sewing plan worked :)


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