Where To Begin

Today is the first day of spring break and I am on the other side of our school musical production. It was such a fun show. I really enjoyed having my brother, Chris, play guitar in the pit with us! He added so much.
The show was a success but I have to admit that I'm glad it's done, I've been living in a constant state of exhaustion! 
So yesterday, after a long Sunday afternoon nap, I wandered around the house, not knowing what to do. It's hard to switch gears after focusing on a show and leaving all my projects untouched for a month! I decided to pick up where I left off on my scrappy triangles quilt, since all the scraps were still piled up on my table. 

I added some scrappy borders to make it a baby quilt size. This is going to be it because I'm out of white scraps!
After I folded up all my fabric piles, I decided to see how many quilt tops I need to quilt.

Counting the scrappy triangles, I have six tops that need to be quilted! 

Then there's my Exhibit Quilt blocks, still waiting to be sewn into a top.

I've got a lot of quilting to do!
But first, my sister's wedding is this week. 
We are traveling to Florida!
 No rest for the weary, I tell you.
I should get going, I've got shopping and packing to do!
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Good luck digging into those projects :) I too have gotten to a point where I need to quilt some of the tops I've finished! Have a blast in Florida!!


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