Melissa's Florida Wedding


Gary, Chris and I at a gas station somewhere near Savannah, Georgia. 
We're eating McDonalds. 
At midnight. 
At this point, there were two hours left in our drive.
So what happened to flying you may ask? 
In a nutshell, our flights down to Jacksonville were all screwed up and we had to rent a car to drive from Atlanta to Jacksonville. 

An hour flight ended up being about a six hour drive. Thank goodness for cell phones and GPS! We made it to Jacksonville in one piece. After a short night's sleep, we jumped into wedding activities.

Since I was a bridesmaid, I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures. But here is a pic of Chris and our cousin Kathy, rehearsing wedding music in the church after a very nice rehearsal dinner. The three of us sang two songs together for the ceremony, 
which I really loved!
 It's wonderful making music with family
 FOR family!
The next morning, all the girls had hair and makeup done for the wedding.  
That was fun!
Melissa gave us these pretty flowery robes to get ready in. She did a great job of giving us our favorite color :)

Have you ever worn false eyelashes? This was my first time and really, it wasn't too bad! Taking them off was a little scary though, I felt like I was ripping out my actual eyelashes! 
Here's my hairdo.

I think all the bridesmaids had a braid in their hair. 
We got ready at Melissa's mother in law's house. It's a gorgeous home and Sharon was such a gracious hostess! 

My beautiful sisters and our fantastic bouquets. 

I didn't get any pictures of mom! How did that happen? I swiped some of these from the other bridesmaids.

There's mom looking pretty!

Melissa in the dress. 

Then the boys and Sadie the dog showed up for pictures. 

Maddie the flower girl and me.

We piled into the limo.
Limousines are like sardine cans for humans ha!

Melissa and Jamie after tying the knot!

The piano at the reception was a perfect spot to display these old photos from both sides of the family. 

The reception was pretty fun.
My siblings and I took advantage of the photo booth :)

Brunch the next day at Sharon's. 

Then a quick trip to Jacksonville Pier beach.

Sunset at Melissa and Jamie's backyard.

On our drive to Jacksonville, we started counting how many Waffle House restaurants we passed. 
Total count between Atlanta and Jacksonville : Seventeen!
In some cases, there were two restaurants, one on each side of the interstate! We decided that we needed to eat there before we left for home.

As we all began to depart and go separate ways, Chris, Gary and I had a couple hours before we had to be at the airport. Melissa and Jamie were super nice and took us out to the Five Points area for a little sight seeing and some coffee.

A little color inspiration

This wall is so cool! 

Then it was time to head back to Nebraska. No flight problems on the way home,  thankfully!

I can't wait for our next Florida adventure! 


  1. It's those travel hiccups that add up to fun stories down the road! Looks like a beautiful wedding and great family time :)

  2. Oh but what fun it looks like you had. THANKS for sharing your adventures with us. (The wedding pictures were beautiful!!) You looked so happy. :)

  3. Wow just catching up! this was crazy cool! we need to chat soon!


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