Busy Busy

Well, let's see. 
Since the last time I posted, Lent has begun. I'm not ready for it.

We had some very warm and spring like days that melted all the snow, even the gigantic snowmen around my neighborhood. 
I'm loving hearing the birds sing in the morning! 
I saw my first robin on Valentine's Day and now I'm seeing them all over. 

I'm so ready for spring. I have to remind myself that we're still in the midst of winter, so I probably shouldn't get my hopes up. Even so, these nice days have been such a gift. I've tried to get outside as much as possible, even if that means hoofing it around the school building on my lunch break.

I'm in the middle of musical rehearsals (we're doing Shrek this year!) so I haven't been able to go to quilt guild meetings lately, let alone leave school before sunset. I was able to go to the sew day at the quilt museum last Saturday, though, and had a great time catching up with everyone and seeing what they're working on. 
Here is the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild's Facebook page if you want to see some pictures.

I dug out my hexie project that I started LAST year during musical rehearsals to work on at the sew day. 

I'm trying to enjoy the slow hand sewing but really, I think I'm too wired to sit and sew right now. It's not really calming me down. I've been focusing on trying to do yoga and exercise a little bit each day since I'm pretty much parked at the piano for HOURS on end these days. 
My butt is tired of sitting!

Have you been following along with all the posts from QuiltCon? The posts on Instagram are overwhelming me with awesomeness! It makes me want to sew but I can't right now :(
I hope to get back to my scrappy triangle quilt eventually! 


  1. Your triangle could have made it to QuiltCon i bet. I can't wait till things slow down for you so you can get back at it! :_

  2. February has been crazy busy at school for me too. I miss sewing too. Some of my students were in a Jungle Book musical....and that was adorable to watch. Hang in there...keep thinking SPring Break will be here soon.


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