Mini Charm Quilt, First Finish of 2016!

Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones! My mom had bought a box FULL of quilt stuff at a garage sale, which she was super excited about. When I was at her house for Christmas, she let me look through it and take a few things! 
I chose this packet of marbled solids.

Does anyone out there remember Merryvale fabric packets? I don't, but here is a blurb I found on ebay:

"Merryvale Fabric Packets were produced monthly from 1993 to 2007. They were produced to show quilters complete fabric collections that were seldom present in quilt shops in their entirety. The packets featured fabrics selected from a new fabric collection created for quilt making. They are cut into six-inch squares and usually contained 26 pieces. Fabric collections rotated to present quilters with a variety of new fabrics being produced by leading companies in the industry. In selecting from individual fabric collections, quilters became aware of designers’ intent regarding coordinated scale of prints (small, medium and large) and color ways. Packets presented here are the remaining stock from our company and some remaining fabric. Books, quilt kits and fabrics are featured."

It looks like there are still fabric packets available here!

Then there were these vintage advertisement decals that are ironed onto muslin.
 I was drawn to them because they're so colorful and fun! 
I'm not sure what to make with them..any ideas? 

Then there was this mini charm quilt kit! 
The information on the pattern page says it came from Pieceful Dreams in Aurora, Ne. 
Copyright 1997!
Isn't it cute? Everything you need to make a mini quilt, stuffed in this mason jar.

Seventy two 2 1/2" charm squares.

Batting and backing.

Border and binding strips.

The pattern has three setting options. 
I chose triangles.

These fabrics are not something I would choose to use today but I thought it would be fun to play with them anyway! 

These colors were looking pretty dull, so I decided to add some solid greens to see what would happen. 

Yep, it was looking good to me!

I put this together on my last few days of break. It's so small, only 13" x 16", so I decided to hand quilt it! 

Isn't it cute? 
I'm surprised by how the greens make the seemingly dull fabrics pop with brighter color! 

It's my first finish of 2016! 


  1. These are all so cool. How did I miss this post. I love all this stuff and can't wait to see if you do more.

  2. Wow! Your setting really makes these prints shine! I never would have imagined how cute this would be based on the 'before' pictures. =)


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