Handmade Gifts

Happy 2016 everybody! Hooray we made it!
Before we get too far past Christmas, I want to document what I made for gifts in 2015.
First, I made a stack of Christmas pot holders for my Aunt Phyllis's Christmas barn boutique!
I wasn't very good about taking pictures of them. 

At one of our modern quilt guild meetings before the holiday season, 
we all shared some homemade gift ideas.
 I made a few of them! 

I made this stocking just for fun from a leftover supernova block! 

I also made a baby quilt for Liam!.

I think that wraps up the gifts I made for Christmas 2015.
Happy New Year all!
Let's Create!!


  1. Superb handmade gifts! Thanks a lot for the inspiration and sharing photos here. I will be attending a baby shower party at local party venues and would like to make such cute gifts for mother to be. I hope she likes them.


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