Fruity Pixels: Finished Floating Squares Quilt

I'm so excited to have this quilt finished! 
I started my floating squares quilt 
back in July 2015. 
I was able to get it all put together and finished over Christmas break. 

So, the steps for creating this score were to begin by choosing a limited group and amount of fabrics. You can see that I chose lots of colors to work with but I only used three at a time, making sections until I ran out of those colors. I chose two brightly colored fabrics that I liked together and a "filler fabric," which is the tan. Something I thought was fun was seeing how the same color can look so different when it's placed next to different colors. For example, the Kona Wasabi in the top right and lower left corners! 

Once the fabrics are chosen, cut them into different sizes of squares using only scissors or rotary cutter with no rulers or patterns.
No perfect squares here, I discovered that I couldn't cut an even square at all! I actually liked cutting without the ruler, I felt like it made the process go so much faster. 
Just cut and sew without too much thinking or pinning.

Once the squares are cut, begin sewing them together to create a unit. When all the squares are used up, that unit is finished. At first, I made a bunch of big units, but then, I realized that I didn't like the obvious divisions between the colors. I wanted the colors to flow more freely, so I started sewing smaller units and arranging them on my design wall before I sewed them into bigger units. You can see my original post about my process here.

I found this rainbow sheet at a thrift store. I couldn't believe how close the colors are to the colors I chose for my quilt.
I had to use it for the back!

I'm happy with how my quilt turned out, although, I don't think I achieved the floating squares look as much as some other quilts I've seen. The next time I try this technique, (because I am going to make another, this improv technique is easy and fun!) I will cut bigger squares to begin with because I feel like I ended up with a lot of little bits by the end and not enough size contrast. I might try using more of the filler fabric. Also, I want to change things up and try a "low volume" color scheme! 

If you live in the Lincoln area, you can see my "Fruity Pixels" quilt at the Bernina store, as well as lots of beautiful quilts made by our Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild members! 
It's our first quilt show as a guild and we're really excited about it! 


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    1. Thanks, Alissa! I'm still thinking about the awesome rug you made!

  2. Woop...there it is!!! Love this and your snowflake pic is awesome. Now you can go see it in the gallery! Just so so fun and fruity! :)

  3. One of my favorite Score #1 quilts! Love it!


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