Whirlwind Weekend

We had a whirlwind of a Thanksgiving weekend! My awesome sister Becky and family hosted all of us in Omaha, including our Florida sister, Melissa and her fiancee, for dinner at her house. She had all the pretty china out and we ate So.Much.Food! It was delicious and the company was fun! I packed the blow up bed and lots of quilts in case we needed to spend the night, due to icy weather. The ice came and we did have to spend the night. 
Slumber Party!!
We had lots of fun playing with the niece and nephew and Gary may have tried on a wig! :)

On Friday, the fam came down to Lincoln to watch the Husker game. After the game, we were able to get together with all our Van Dyke cousins! It was great to catch up with them! 

The whirlwind part of the weekend happened when we found out that our uncle passed away. His funeral was on Saturday in Kearney, so my sister Becky and I drove out to help with the funeral music. After the service, we tried to find the cemetery which was located somewhere out in the country.

We didn't find it.

This place was not on google maps. 
Nobody we called had their phones on. 
We decided to turn around and head back to Mason City because, 
A. The one lane, low maintenance road seemed never ending
B. It was cold
 C. We had to potty

But first, we stopped at the Basin School. I've always wanted to take a closer look at this school house. I've seen black and white pictures of my Aunts and Uncles as children,  standing in front of this building.
 Must've been picture day in front of the school house. 
It's looking pretty rough these days. 
Broken window glass litters the doorstep. Many critters have made the one room school house their home. 

After the funeral dinner, Becky and I visited with some family for a bit and then headed home. 

Saturday was my birthday and I thought it might be fun to stop at Tommy's in Grand Island to eat. I'm still thinking about my chicken philly sandwich, it was tasty!

Of course, we had to get pie! The waitress made fun of me for ordering sour cream raisin but I didn't care. 
It was my birthday and the pie was delicious! 

I  especially enjoyed hanging out with my sister, even though the reason for us being together was a sad one. We don't get to spend time together like this very often, so Saturday was a special time. 

 In quilty news, I finally got some sewing done on Monday night. I've got lots of little projects going on but these 6" Moda Sampler Shuffle blocks are the most recent. I'm making them in solids and so far, I'm loving them! Three block patterns are released each week and it goes until January. I'm going to try and keep up with them!


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