O Christmas Tree

2" squares

2" Half Square Triangles

Arrange the tree.

Add in background strips and a trunk.

1" x 2" Flying Geese

Ta Daaahh!
 A cute little Christmas tree wall hanging.
I saw this tree design on Instagram and had to make it immediately! 
Mine measures 14 3/4" x 22 1/2"
This may be our Christmas Tree this year because I haven't got the decorations out yet. 

We did hang a few strands of lights outside though! It's been so warm lately, it feels more like spring than winter. We may get some rain or snow this weekend which might help me get into the holiday spirit. 
I've got a busy weekend ahead.
 What are you making?


  1. i know that "immediate" feeling. There's no controling it, your body just takes a life of it's own, no matter what else is pending. What a fun project. And I love the stick. I was headed to the big orange box store for a dowel for a similar project, but a stick is even better!!!

  2. What a super cute and yet simple tree! I love it!

    1. Thanks Alissa! It was a fun and fast project and now it's hanging on my wall! :)

  3. Looks really good! I know what you mean about sometimes just having to make something instantly - and not stopping until it's done! The satisfaction of seeing it finished so quickly...

  4. Jennifer, I couldn't reist highlighting your little CHristmas wallhanging at Tuesday Archives this week...hope you didn't mind. I invite you and your readers to stop by! myplvl.blogspot.com

  5. just love your tree....the geese just set it off perfectly, thankyou for sharing your holiday fun

    hugs and stitches

    Debbie A. from Canada

  6. This is so fun...love it! And I like how you quilted it with machine and hand quilting....so great!

  7. Lovely tree, great for using up those scraps


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