Christmas 2015

Christmas weekend was a whirlwind trip for Gary and me.

We drove to mom's on Christmas Day.

My brother, sister and her family were there and we had a delicious meal made by my mom and Chris! 

My mom made these cute snowman ornaments when I was a kid. There's a whole family of them. I remember watching her stitch them and being so excited to see how they were coming together, especially after she sewed on the beads and sequins! 

My niece is really into these toys called Shopkins. They are tiny. Since Uncle Chris gave her some for Christmas, I suggested that we sew a bag for them so they wouldn't get lost at Grandma's. She helped me pick out some fabric and trim and this is what we came up with! We used Grandma's new sewing machine, which took me a minute to figure out with all the push buttons. Doesn't it look like a dance costume? 

This random pic was on the cutting table.
Mom, me and my sisters in the 80's. I loved that t-shirt and you can't see them but I sewed the shorts I'm wearing. 

We made our annual Vanstellos music video. This is Chris getting into character. 
You can see our goofy fun here.

The farm set and Lincoln Logs came out. Gary and I decided that we need a set of Lincoln Logs for our house. We could play with them all day! 

On Saturday morning, we hit the road again, this time headed to dad's. The drive was much colder and brrr the North wind!!

We were only able to spend a few hours at dad's.  Even so, it was so good to see them! Dad made his yummy lasagna and we had a little bit of time to visit. They were getting rid of a few kitchen things and asked if we wanted to take anything. I ended up with a bread machine! I can't wait to try it out! I got my Aunt Loretta's famous roll dough recipe from mom this morning, so that may be my first go at it.

Before we left Broken Bow, we cruised around the square to look at the nativity scene. 

Yesterday was Christmas with Gary's family here in Lincoln. I didn't take any pics of that but we had a nice time and I got just what I wanted, a new quilting ruler! Can't wait to try it out. But first, I'm enjoying my first real day of break by vegging on the couch and watching it snow outside. 
How was your holiday weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! The baby Jesus in the nativity was big news earlier this month...someone stole it and then returned it. Happy New Year!

    1. Seriously?! Well, I'm glad Jesus was returned! Happy New year to you, too!

  2. Fun times, love that first pic especially!

  3. Jen, I am just catching up on your blog. Thanks for the holiday recap! ��. Feels almost like I was there. ❤️ Love that first pic too!


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