Weekend Life: Schramm Park

Schramm Park on Saturday.
I woke up that morning feeling super crabby but Gary took me to the woods and 
Mother Nature fixed me right up. 

The woods were quiet except for the occasional peep from a woodpecker or a scolding from a chickadee. Most of the leaves were still green or yellow. Gary and I hiked along the trail and he talked about how the readily available natural debris could be used for a hut. I took pictures with my cell phone. We moved at a leisurely pace. Suddenly, a deer ran down the hill in front of us and disappeared into the tall grass. I realized that we were surrounded by critters we couldn't see and I listened more closely as we walked on, hoping to see the deer again. 

We walked the entire trail, only meeting a few other people and dogs along the way. On the way back to the car, we saw a girl wearing an ethereal white dress with a crown of flowers in her hair. I'm guessing she was having senior pictures taken but she looked like she could have been a wood nymph or sprite who escaped from the wood. 

Before we left, we decided to visit the old fish hatchery museum. 
The inside of the building smelled exactly like the back room of my Grandma's grocery store. I tried to read about the fish hatchery history but thoughts of sitting around a kitchen table in that back room with Grandma with ham salad sandwiches and little plastic juice bottles stuck in my mind. 
It was a nice memory of her. 

Gary and I were both tired from all the hiking but we climbed the few stairs to see the canyon ponds. Gary bought some fish food and we watched the goldfish gobble it up. 
It was a lovely time on a beautiful fall day! 
I'm so much happier for having visited there. 


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