Halloween Baby Quilt

Happy Friday! 
It's my fall break and I feel like I haven't got anything done that I wanted to, like working outside and sewing on my projects.
 I've decided it's ok. I think I'm tired! 

I did manage to take some pics of the Halloween baby quilt this afternoon. 
What a fun and quick project! I used my 60 degree pyramid ruler to make 6" triangles. I arranged the oranges from light to dark and I tried to make the binding match the color change. I fussy cut several of the Halloween fabrics for maximum cuteness.
For the back, I used a gray and white chevron. The quilt measures 40" x 57"
I think it turned out pretty cute, I hope the realistic spiders aren't going to be too creepy!


  1. Cute quilt! Adding solids makes the prints stand out nicely!

  2. This post is great eye candy. Thank you for all the pictures of your beautiful garden. The quilt is fabulous! You make it look so easy but you have a really good eye.

  3. I love your little pops of halloween eye spy fabrics used. Tired....not getting done what you wanted....man I get feeling like that too. Good to know I'm in good company. I always tell my husband it's not an i'm tired tired...but more like I don't have much motivation to do anything else. LOL!


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