Bloggers Quilt Festival: Superhero Quilt

Jimmy's Superhero Quilt
66" x 87"

This is my first time entering the Quilt Bloggers Festival at Amy's Creative Side!

I made this quilt for my nephew's 4th birthday present. He's really into superheroes right now and I had been wanting to try a pixelated quilt, so I went for it! 
I had Jimmy choose which superheroes he liked the best. Then I drew each character up on graph paper and cut out LOTS of little fabric strips. I had so much fun sewing each character together and bonus! My nephew loves it! 

My original posts are here and here.

I'm entering this quilt in the Original Designs Quilt Category.

Nominate your three favorite quilts for  Viewers Choice  until October 29th. 

Voting for favorites in each category: October 29th-November 5th 
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  1. Words for the day "bloody brilliant"! I love this and it is soooooo clever!!

  2. Awesome quilt! Loved it the first time I saw it and love it again!

  3. I keep looking at the other original designs but this one just makes me smile every time!

  4. Super amazing quilt! Absolutely love it! Creative and fun!!

  5. Love love love love....oh and Jimmy loves it too.

  6. You know I have loved this one all along. So amazing! :)


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