WIP Wednesday

Happy Fall! After many hot days around here, I could feel a little chill in the morning air. I had to wear my jacket to work and I'm drinking a cup of hot tea right now. I'm ready for changing leaves (but not the raking them up part) and SOUP!

Did you watch the Super Blood Moon eclipse on Sunday night? Gary and I went to the park to watch. He got lots of mosquito bites and I got a lot of chigger bites. They didn't itch until today! I'm itchy itchy scratchy scratchy!
The eclipse was cool and I was surprised at how many people were out watching.

Gary and I couldn't pass up coffee and donuts on National Coffee Day! 

Tuesday night was the LMQG meeting. We're having more and more fun each time we get together! I left feeling inspired to get to work on my growing list of projects.

After the whirlwind football field quilt finish, I decided to pull out my hexies project and sit on the couch and hand sew. It was a nice change of pace! I've still got several of the deep blue sections to sew together and then I have to decide on a layout.

But first, I have to whip up a baby quilt. It's going to be orange and gray..but the mom said it could be a little Halloween-y since the baby will be born right at Halloween. I had fun shopping for these fabrics today. What do you think? Too much Halloween? 


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics of the moon. I did not stay up for that and now that you've mentioned all the bug bites you two endured.... I'm glad I missed it! Your hexi's look so pretty and I think that layout is perfect. What fun fabrics! These will make a super cute quilt!

  2. We always have a growing list of projects huh...but it's fun! Thanks for the picture of the red moon...I was sleeping...LOL!! Enjoyed catching up with ya as I visited your blog this morning:)

  3. fun fabrics... that coffee looked goodLeeAnna

  4. Oh those fabrics! The little Frankensteins and vampires are adorable! Perfect for a Halloween-y baby!

  5. You are going to have so much fun creating with those Halloween fabrics. Love the hexie quilt. We got tons of mosquito bites too while watching the eclipse and felt them the next day. Oh well! The eclipse was amazing.



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