Super September

It's September and I can't believe we're already in our third week of school! I'm beginning to get back in the groove of a regular schedule while still trying to fit in all the fun stuff I enjoyed in the summer. Even though my yard has been a bit neglected, the patio garden is the prettiest it's ever been. As I walk around the yard or the neighborhood, I'm amazed by all the huge spiders and webs in the trees and eaves! I pretty much walk through a web every single day. 

I've been plugging away at the superhero quillt, but over the weekend, I needed to switch gears for a bit. I've been seeing these Dottie Angel Frocks popping up on Instagram and decided to try it out just for fun! I happened to have several yards of some fabric I bought to use for a quilt back and decided to make a practice dress. It was an easy dress to sew but I didn't exactly follow the directions. I didn't use any bias tape on the seams (too much work!) and I skipped the pockets. I realize that the pockets are what makes it a Dottie Angel style but they are too cute for me plus, I don't really need extra attention in the stomach area haha! It fits me ok, but next time, I will lower the front darts because I think they are too high. 

I was so excited about my new dress that I decided I'm going to make another one. So, I stopped in at the Crafthouse to pick out some fabric and more bundles for the Exhibit Block Swap. I think the swap is going to be really fun and I'm looking forward to sewing more blocks once I finish the superhero quilt. 

And the superheroes! I've got everything sandwiched together and two lines of quilting done so far haha! I think I'm going to utilize the long weekend to finish the quilting. It's a bigger quilt than I'm used to making, so quilting will take me awhile! 


  1. All of your projects look great, but I'm especially in love with your superheroes quilt! It's AWESOME! Is there a pattern for that one?

  2. I so enjoyed your scroll of pictures. I'm looking forward to the three day weekend too...esp. with, as you said, school started and underway and the new rotines getting established....this is the weekend to work on fitting in that summer fun to the busy life of working. :)

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