Superfair Sew Day Saturday


Saturday morning, I went to the Lancaster County Super Fair to watch my friends from   Lancaster's Edge Nubians show their goats. I didn't know what to expect, but I really wasn't expecting there to be a screaming goat while my friends were in the ring! If you want to see, there's a video on my Instagram. She was very distracting, so I didn't really catch what the judge said about the goats. 

Don't you love those goat pictures in the frames? They are made from different fabrics and stitched with decorative stitches. My friend Amy makes them from photographs of actual goats and I think they are so neat! We already talked about how they would make a great quilt!

After the goats, I went over to see the quilt display. I entered two quilts this year! I haven't entered anything in the fair since my 4-H days in high school, but my friend Kristie from Sew Sunshine encouraged me to enter something and I'm happy I did! 
That's her Hillside Houses quilt which I'm quite fond of!

I was surprised to find out that I received a third place ribbon for the Supernova Friendship Quilt that Kristie and I made together and the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild awarded me the Best Modern Quilt Award! Super exciting! 

Next year, I want to enter the Best Dressed Vegetables contest! Aren't these great? They make me smile! 

Saturday was also the Sew Day at the Quilt Museum with the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild. We had a demo on improv curves and then some people tried that or worked on whatever projects they brought. I worked on sewing Captain America and got him finished! I really enjoyed the sew day, it was fun to sew at the museum and chat with everyone at the same time! Much more fun than sewing by myself at home.

That evening, it was back to the fair to pick up my quilts and eat something fried on a stick! 

Gary and I shared a funnel cake and a fried peach. 
The fried peach was really good, like peach pie on a stick! I'll definitely get that again sometime. 
So that was Saturday, I think that's why I'm so tired today!


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